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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Competition: CAMP DREAD

Horrorthon are giving away three DVD copies of the great new slasher film Camp Dread, starring Eric Roberts and Horrorthon's 2012 guest of honour Danielle Harris.

‘A splatterific, 1980s style summer camp horror ride’
Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre

Twists and turns caught me off guard…a cut above

‘The first slasher in decades that has a satisfying oh wow ending’

Imagine a reality show where the contestants – a succession of unpleasant characters – are eliminated not by standard ejection but by hanging, drowning, strangling, beheading and all manner of murderous methods. Welcome to Camp Dread.

A group of misguided young adults – amongst them killers, blackmailers, sex offenders – have been sent to the camp as part of a new reality show. This is their last chance to avoid prison or rehab and if they avoid elimination they could win $1 million along the way.

Manipulating the contestants is down-at-heel horror director Julian Barrett played by Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, using the same set as his old horror franchise Summer Camp. And as the competition progresses, it becomes more than just a battle to win. It’s a desperate, gut-wrenching fight for survival. 

All you have to do to enter the competition is e-mail your name and address to horrorthon_info@horrorthon.com and then cross your fingers. Best of luck!