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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Horrorthon are giving away three DVD copies of the brand new horror film Werewolf Rising.

Desperate for a break from big city life, Emma heads to her family’s cabin deep in the Arkansas hills. As she settles in for some much-needed R&R, she learns that something unspeakable lurks in the surrounding darkness. As the full moon rises, a bloodthirsty werewolf emerges from the shadows, slaughtering everyone in its path and revealing a sinister underworld Emma never knew existed. Thrown into a fight for her life, and her very soul, Emma will need to escape these big bad woods before it’s too late.

To enter the competition, just send an e-mail to horrorthon_info@horrorthon.com including your name and postal address. Winners will be notified by the end of the week. Best of luck!

Werewolf Rising is released on 22nd September

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Competition: CAMP DREAD

Horrorthon are giving away three DVD copies of the great new slasher film Camp Dread, starring Eric Roberts and Horrorthon's 2012 guest of honour Danielle Harris.

‘A splatterific, 1980s style summer camp horror ride’
Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre

Twists and turns caught me off guard…a cut above

‘The first slasher in decades that has a satisfying oh wow ending’

Imagine a reality show where the contestants – a succession of unpleasant characters – are eliminated not by standard ejection but by hanging, drowning, strangling, beheading and all manner of murderous methods. Welcome to Camp Dread.

A group of misguided young adults – amongst them killers, blackmailers, sex offenders – have been sent to the camp as part of a new reality show. This is their last chance to avoid prison or rehab and if they avoid elimination they could win $1 million along the way.

Manipulating the contestants is down-at-heel horror director Julian Barrett played by Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, using the same set as his old horror franchise Summer Camp. And as the competition progresses, it becomes more than just a battle to win. It’s a desperate, gut-wrenching fight for survival. 

All you have to do to enter the competition is e-mail your name and address to horrorthon_info@horrorthon.com and then cross your fingers. Best of luck!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Call for Submissions

Horrorthon would like to invite submissions for the short film section of this year's IFI Horrorthon in Dublin, the weekend of 24th October 2014.

To submit a short film you have three options:

1. Send a link to an online screener to festival@horrorthon.com

2. Use the tool provided at http://www.clickforfestivals.com/horrorthon-film-festival

3. Post a DVD, blu-ray or memory stick to:
Horrorthon Submissions, Irish Film Institute, Eustace St., Dublin 2, Ireland 

  • There is no restriction on running time within reason, but less than 15 minutes is preferred
  • This is not a competition, but there may be an audience prize for the favourite film
  • Submissions are free of charge
  • We do not offer any screening fee
  • Selected films will be shown as part of a dedicated short film programme during the festival in IFI
  • Please include a cover note containing contact details, biographical info, synopsis, running time and any other relevant details
  • Closing date is 5th September 2014 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Competition: OCULUS

Competition is now closed
Dare to join us for Oculus…..into the 13th event!

We’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. Pictures to offer you the chance to win tickets to new horror movie Oculus at a special late night preview that will take you into Friday the 13th!
Join us in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield at 10.15pm on Thursday June 12th if you dare!

Co-writer/director Mike Flanagan’s Oculus introduces audiences to a new kind of terror:  the eerily inscrutable Lasser Glass.  This beautiful antique mirror is no ordinary villain.  Though the mirror’s true origins have been lost with its victims, it carries the name of its first recorded owner, Philip Lasser.  Its seemingly harmless reflections hold a malevolent supernatural force that infects the mind of the viewer, leading to paranoia, distorted visions, and eventually, possession.  The mirror’s most recent owners, adult siblings Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites), are struggling to rebuild their relationship after the violent demise of their parents ten years earlier. Kaylie suspects that past tragedy was caused by the Lasser glass and as she gets closer to the truth, history begins to repeat itself.  The siblings turn on each other, unsure of what is real and what isn’t...until they realize the Lasser glass has gotten a hold of them, too. 

Oculus opens in cinemas Friday the 13th of June.
Cert: 16

To enter the draw for a pair of tickets simply send an email to horrorthon_info@horrorthon.com and include the word Oculus in the subject

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Competition: THE RAID 2

The Raid 2 opens in Irish cinemas 11 April, certificate: 18

“One of the great action films of recent memory” – Indiewire
“Brutal, beautiful and brilliant” – Total Film
***** - Loaded

Breaking out of the tower block and into Jakarta’s criminal underworld, and featuring some of the most breath-taking and bone-crunching fight scenes ever committed to film, THE RAID 2 is set to be the must-see action film of 2014.

He thought it was over. After fighting his way through a seemingly impenetrable building filled with gangsters and madmen, rookie Jakarta cop Rama (Iko Uwais) thought his mission was done and he could live a normal life. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

His brutal and bloody victory has attracted the attention of the top level underworld kingpins. With his family now in danger, Rama has only one choice to protect them: he must go undercover, infiltrate the criminal organisation that runs the city and work his way to the top until he reaches the corrupt politicians, police and gang bosses who secretly pull the strings.

THE RAID 2 is directed by Gareth Evans who follows up his original smash hit The Raid, expanding the mythology of Rama’s world, increasing the level and complexity of fight choreography and introducing us to a glorious new gallery of villains, from crime lords Bangun and Goto, and mysterious assassin Prakoso, to the iconic Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man.

Horrorthon are giving away tickets to a special preview screening of The Raid 2 in Cineworld Dublin on Monday April 7th at 6.30pm. To enter the draw just send an e-mail containing your name to raid2@horrorthon.com

Winners will be notified on Friday. Good luck!

Friday, March 14, 2014

AUDIENCE REQUIRED for a screening of a new horror film

Calling horror fans in Ireland!

AUDIENCE REQUIRED for a screening of a new horror film

Attendees must be over 18 years old, and will be required to complete an anonymous questionnaire at the end of the film, your opinion will be required on the Film’s Poster, Trailer and the Film itself.

This FREE screening will be held March 19th at 6.30pm sharp in Cineworld Dublin. Seating is limited and RSVP registration for seats is essential.

The use of mobile phones or recording devices will NOT be permitted during the screening.

Please email testscreening14@gmail.com to register for your invite, subject: HORROR

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Who or what is responsible for a series of brutal killings, where the victims’ bodies have been found drained of blood in Black Water Creek? A young journalist and her team investigate in Black Water Vampire.

Raymond Banks, has been locked up and certified criminally insane for the murders of four women whose bodies were brutalised and dumped in the woods, but Andrea Adams thinks the police have got it wrong and she’s taking her film crew to find out the truth.

What they find there can only be told by the footage left behind. There are darker forces at work than anyone outside of Black Water can know…or will ever live to tell. Blood wrenching, soul-shattering terror waits for those who dare enter these woods in search of the Black Water Vampire.

Black Water Vampire is a first for found footage as vampires invade the genre in this slick, atmospheric horror that builds to a truly chilling climax. It makes its UK DVD debut on 24 March 2014 from Image Entertainment.

To enter the competition for a DVD of Black Water Vampire, just send an e-mail with your name and postal address to horrorthon_info@horrorthon.com and put Black Water Vampire in the subject. Good luck!